Friday, August 12, 2005

Tracking rss / atom feed views

I hope to track the feed views with the MSN group counter. From

From the email:

To track the traffic to your site, there are two versions of the Site Meter HTML available. One uses javascript and the other doesn't. The javascript Site Meter can be more difficult to add to a page (when using some HTML editors), but it allows you to track the original URL from which your visitors came before linking to your site. Because many email servers will filter out emails that contain javascript or even HTML, it was not included in this email.

You can get the HTML for your account and the instructions for adding it by logging into Site Meter at and selecting the MANAGER link from the top of the page. Then, from the account manager page, select "HTML CODE" to get the HTML for your account. From the account manager page, you can also make changes to your Site Meter account like updating your email address, your site's url, or the style of your counter.

If you have any questions about Site Meter please first check the
help page at