Sunday, April 15, 1990

Some blog posts about site meters

Stat Basic method of counting, and of displaying the visitor numbers and information. ... Blog Business World - Marketing, Public Relations, Search Engine ... When I wasn't watching, this site has its 500000 visitor since I started counting visitors. Whenever that was. In honor of this milestone, ..." ... and , as a result , have noticed an increase in visitors , some of whom have left comments in our ... Sharon O'Sullibhan , '1169 And Counting ...1169 and counting.... ... I started counting visitors to the site last July and have just passed the 600 mark. Total number of hits for the same period is 820. ..." Stuart Eglin: Numbers numbers ... Over 1000 unique visitors, giving me a lifetime total of … 5614 visitors (and counting). If you think I deserve more attention, please vote at Wampum. ..." Thoughts from Kansas: 1000 visitors, best blog day ever ... I stuck the one stat on my blog and am busily counting visitors. Up to 2 so far...both me LOL. At 11:50 PM, Alice said… I use sitemeter. I find it very, ..." Food Blog Scool: [Tracking Visitors] Sitemeter or something else?
true" aiotitle="... 24 (And Counting) Reasons To Hate Cats. One million pounds in used notes ... Locations of visitors to this page Where are visitors to this page? ..." New Links: 24 (And Counting) 11. ... Your visitor counter logs provide valuable insights, into how well your blog is ... the logs in your visitor counter measuring a lot of repeat visitors. ..." Blog Business World - Marketing, Public Relations, Search Engine ... 12. true" aiotitle="... t'sela (6) is the verb to cross, and that's when we cross from one hand to the other when counting. ... RECENT VISITORS. Site Meter. © Rethabile Masilo ..." On Sesotho: Counting (Palo) 13. ... Most try to count unique visitors by counting unique IP addresses, but that is unreliable for a variety of reasons. One problem is that firewalls, ..." Public Nuisance 17. ... Six Months and Counting. I started this blog six months ago today, ... I hope that at least some of the visitors to this site find it useful or ..." The Ethics of War: Six Months and Counting 18. ... code into the HTML of my website to count the number of people visiting it. ... In the past few weeks I’ve had visitors from the UK, America, Canada, ..." Joseph Gelfer 19. ... 1000 and Counting. We passed a milestone today here at Threading the Needle. Sure, 1000 lifetime visitors relegates us to the absolute bottom of the ..." Threading the Needle: 1000 and Counting 20. 1169 and counting.... Saturday, November 30, 2002 ... who had ever served Ireland and one of the most welcome visitors to his home was that fine old soldier ..." 1169 and counting.... 21. ... We estimate that about 50%-60% of our adult visitors are from out of state, ... no vote for president; qualifying and counting provisional ballots; ... Ms Liberty 22. 1169 and counting.... Saturday, December 13, 2003 ... The visitors hoped that perhaps the Parish Priest , Father O'Donohue , might preside at the meeting . ..." 1169 and counting.... 23. ... include returning vistors - so adding returning visitors will count them twice ... So how do I point you to my meagre offerings (last count, 37 visitors ..." British Blogs Top Ten: Top Ten, Monday 21 February, 2005 24. ... there must be one here that does what you desire. Happy counting visitor 00002 ... All the way up from simple counting your visitors until tracking the ..." all about site meters 25. ... After successfully launching a website, we then need to track down the website's performance by counting how many visitors visited our sites, ..." Website Traffic ... 30. Banana Counting Monkey. Thursday, December 16, 2004: ... in private meetings with foreign visitors, as well as Arab and Western diplomats. ..." Banana Counting Monkey: "The fierce urgency of now. 31. 1169 and counting.... Saturday, April 24, 2004 ... I explain the situation to foreign visitors this way , he says ; In Ireland , there are three types ..." 1169 and counting.... 32. ... Lunar Dust: A Major Worry for Moon Visitors ... 360 degrees; gmail has 2062 MB and counting; Oh, Gabrielle's delightful hypocrisy! ..." E tenebris, lux dormiens: Lunar Dust: A Major Worry for Moon Visitors 33. ... how many unique visitors (which means different from one another), ... I checked this morning and not counting people that only have been here once and ..." The gr8ful grind 34. ... on their free counters. I just know I've had zillions of visitors since then. ... but counting every single mention of Dizzy Gillespie in SF as being a ..." Natalie Solent 35. ... For counting unique visitors but not noticing unique people, For delighting in the thousands of hits but ignoring the ONE who returns, ..." nimrods: April 2003 36. ... At last count I’ve had 66 hits but I’ve sent 70 e-mails ordering friends, ... number of visitors called it quits because it became an all consuming ..." Nick Around: Sixty six and counting 37. ... Visitors since March 30, 2004:. Free Web Counters Web Counter. «xBlogxPhilesx». Subscribe with Bloglines. Blogarama - The Blog Directory ..." Presto Speaks!: Follow-Up on Wondering About Things 38. ... Somebody asked if there was a way Iraq Blog Count could add recent comments to the sidebar - so that visitors can tell at the click of a mouse which ..." Iraq Blog Count: Puzzle for code genii 39. ... In meantime, if visitors see odd comments please ignore or check user ... Iraq Blog counting ~ Iraq blogs counted and linked, if you would like to be ..." Iraq Blog Count: Admin 40. ... A standard national counting technology. The foundation of democracy lies in free and fair ... Isn't yours? Listed on BlogShares. track my visitors ..." Mad Social Scientist 41. ... game would yield a tourism effect of 250000 visitors to his fair city. ... on the excursion per day - not counting transportation to and from the area. ..." Heavy Lifting 42. ... a javascript that records statistical information about the visitors of my site. ... which is a site that provides web tracking and counting services. ..." Fingers of Fury: Caveat Salutor 43. ... At the time of Neale's post, the average daily unique visitor count was 14560. Right now, at 7PM EDT, his daily average is 14773. ..." Shots Across the Bow 44. ... Thanks to the visitors who emailed about it *rolls eyes*, those boys are ... Iraq Blog counting ~ Iraq blogs counted and linked, if you would like to be ..." Iraq Blog Count: Account-ability 45. ... My links have all disappeared, and Sitemeter stopped counting visitors as of the 24th. Nuts! Well, I guess it's time to start messing around with the ..." Diary of a sxKitten 46. ... Where are visitors to this page? (Auto-update daily since 11-Dec-04) Total Visitors:. website page counter. Site Meter ..." The Synchronicity of Indeterminacy 47. ... Repeat visitors count. It should be noted that you can (I think) set up ... to about 1200 individual visitors (to the main blog, ie not counting any of ..." British Blogs Top Ten 48. ... Because I have such good looking people in my Queendom, visitors are always ... It might get boring though if all they did was count their diamonds and ..." ManGoddess 49. ... how do i track visitors? counting, ever heard about it? i received responses about my site from about 40-some people. most of them wont come back tho ..." Lettin these dumb motherfuckers know: WHAT, BITCH! 50. ... I'm finally getting visitors to my blog. Post a Comment. << Home. Iraq Blog counting ~ Iraq blogs counted and linked, if you would like to be part of ..." Iraq Blog Count: New Iraqi Blogs 51. ... much larger visitors' numbers as it seems - like Reasons Why We Rule, ... Likewise with the counter for PC Weenies which has been counting since 2000. ..." Probeersel 52. ... not to mention that there is a separate counting and reporting protocol for each ... Blogroll Me. Powered by Blogger. Locations of visitors to this page ..." Correct my Spelling!: A crisis of democracy, or something 53. ... To the American visitors on this site: I do not mean to hurt your feelings, ... Counting them, one by one... -AIDS/HIV victims:; -Palestinians ..." The Angry Arab News Service ... 54. ... That number was based on my counter, which tracks unique visitors that visit the blog via their browser. I got an e-mail from Dane at Business ..." Strategize 55. ... energy and in the vital job of communicating information to the visitor. ... Il D); 10000 Visitors and Still Counting(O); Are We Fraternity Enough? ..." Sanguine et Purpure: Picking Nits with HQ Website - Unofficial ... 56. ... i just checked my hits counter and was amazed to see that i have had 36 visitors so far, with 62 (+/- 4) expected by the end of the day. oh, cool! ..." Man who walks backwards around lake falls in 57. ... What language do your visitors (based on language of servers) speak? ... Counting them, one by one... -AIDS/HIV victims:; -Palestinians ..." The Angry Arab News Service ... 58. ... COUNTERS. Visitors since 04/2004 Visitors since 07/2004. Site Meter. Nedstat Basic - Free web site statistics Personal homepage website counter ..." Jardine Davies' Every Other Rambling: Are we Anti-American? 59. ... Breakdown of recent visitors: ... Counting them, one by one... -AIDS/HIV victims:; -Palestinians; -Innocent victims of the US war in Afghanistan ..." The Angry Arab News Service ... 60. ... slight-of-hand is exactly what is counting on. ... Using sneaky pop-under techniques to get visitors to your site just proves you can't ..." Advice for Lefty - Don't play the Right Wing's game: Blog Psot???
61. ... I'm technologically challenged, so I have no way of counting the visitors to this site or tracking when they visit. But based on the mind-numbing year I ..." Slacktivist 62. ... time goes by slower than usual, I spend the entire day just counting down. ... Well, not an imposter as much as a visitor -- but impostor is such a cool ..." About my Haemi-sphere v.10 63. ... Perhaps if there were more visitors or if anyone showed particular ... Iraq Blog counting ~ Iraq blogs counted and linked, if you would like to be part ..." Iraq Blog Count 64. ... I feel I should comment on the fact that I've had over 1020 visitors since I started using the counter on the 21st of January. But I'm not going to. ..." After The Beep 65. ... Day 68 and counting... Apparently today was National No Smoking Day and to be ... Where are visitors to this page? Auto-update daily since 04-Jan-05 ..." Seany's Blog: Day 68 and counting... 66. ... The munchkins can count to 15. They just randomly started counting ... Visitors since February 22, 2004 (old counter abandoned in favor of this one) ..." Drama Queen Chronicles : A giggle from the playroom 67. ... There's now a counter so we can track visitors. It just started counting the end of last week, but still they're adding up. Also, a recent upgrade has ..." Frankly Speaking
68. ... Latest breakdown of visitors to the website: .net Network 8042 52.9 .com Commercial ... Counting them, one by one... -AIDS/HIV victims:; -Palestinians ..." The Angry Arab News Service/????? ????? ?????? ... 69. ... I also added a regular stat counter to record referrer addresses, unique visitors, etc. |. written by shawn matthews -|link ..." Korea Life Blog - A blog about living and teaching English in Korea 70. ... of days ago the little stat counter announced to me that it had recorded 1000 visitors. a large percentage of those visitors are Blog Explosion surfers, ..." deep intellectual philosophical ramblings: a little interaction 71. ... Counting Down. Things are pretty hectic around here timewise. ... All visitors are freely invited to comment on any topics that you may find of interest ..." All this,...Really?: Counting Down 72. ... have acquired and been working on six (counting subdomains several more :)! ... these 6 sites will accrue plenty of visitors & some measure of value. ..." Springfield, Illinois Visitors Site: springfield il and the other ... 73. ... i see a thousand visitors raising rum, my heart implodes into sasha. my lips ... figures as counting crows and dream theatre. gonna turn up the sound, ..." seeds of a madness flower: 10/01/2003 - 10/31/2003 74. ... GoStats statistics say I have had a thousand daily-unique visitors since I started back in ... Second, GoStats has taken to counting my own IP again. ..." Rye Beer 75. ... Where do visitors to this site come from? ... Counting them, one by one... -AIDS/HIV victims:; -Palestinians; -Innocent victims of the US war in ..." The Angry Arab News Service76. ... to see that we have had visitors from across this great earth of ours. From our special counting software, we see that we have had 2 visitors each from ..." The Proboscis 77. ... The most macabre way of avoiding responsibility in Iraq is not to count ... It doesn't say very much at all about this site or its owner and visitors. ..." Free Iraq: ..... And Counting 78. ... those mourners “as representative of the entire nation” but “you could nod off counting the white visitors before a black person appeared,” Rich wrote. ..." MATTHEW VADUM, A Dude In DC 79. ... Played in the rain - Of course - not even counting No. 76 above. ... Locations of visitors to this page Location of visitors to Blog D'Elisson ..." Blog d'Elisson
80. ... chart on his site counting the request for the BritBlog buttons from each site. ... Locations of visitors to this page Where are visitors to this page? ..." New Links: British Blog Charts - Revisited. Again. 81. ... Not only was I counting on the profit I made from renting out a rent-stabilized apartment ... There were almost no foreign visitors in the city, either. ..." on the face: How Lisa came to Israel (part five) 82. ... They can disallow other visitors to comment on weblogs or single entries or can ... Moreover, for bloggers, counting comments is an ego booster too. ..." It is write: say it out loud 83. ... We usually have a result within 3 or 4 hours after counting starts. ... Visitors to Scott's sites since October, 2003. Counter supplied by ..." Scottie's Blog: America - great democracy, but your voting system ... 84. ... site that assists visitors in writing letters to editors in their area, ... King County discovered another error in its original counting of votes. ..." Washington Libertarian Review: December 2004 85. ... There are major differences in counting procedure for STV electing only one ... Powered by Blogger. Site Meter. Locations of visitors to this page ..." The Grey Shade: In Defence of STV 86. ... We were abt 7 of us and abt 3 of them are PG visitors. ... Since I was counting on my SOP to lead the interview all the great ideas which I had to ..." The Modern Iconoclast: My IIM B interview..... 87. ... and can accomodate at least three persons, so if there are visitors, or just my two evil brothers deciding to stay in my room, they'd still fit in. ... counting the days that passed me by. 88. ... not to mention that there is a separate counting and reporting protocol for each county, ... Powered by Blogger. Locations of visitors to this page ... Correct my Spelling! 89. ... that I get more than ten or twelve hits in one day, so I was decidedly curious when my hit counter displayed that I had more than fifty visitors today! ..." The Angel Waiting To Be Sent
90. ... That's the number of visitors I've had since this blog opened for business (or at least started counting visitors) on February 7, 2004. ..." Musing's musings 91. ... I can't speak to the images (I've my own hosting service), but lots of people use the sitemeter counter to keep track of visitors. ..." Diary of a Poker Slut: Personality Crisis 92. ... 299 and counting.... Someone please click and take me over 300........ ... Visitors; Statistics. Powered by Blogger. BLOGS FROM HONG KONG ..." Madame Chiang: 299 and counting.... 93. ... For counting unique visitors but not noticing unique people, For delighting in the thousands of hits but ignoring the one who returns, ..." .: Tall Skinny Kiwi :. 94. ... Seven Weeks, and counting. Caelan is 7 weeks old now. Man the time has flown. Been having some trouble with Caelan since we starting seeing the maternal ..." Requiem AU: Seven Weeks, and counting. 95. ... self importance isn't the only reason for a visitor counter. For one thing, knowing your visitor count lets you know if your posts are interesting to ..." Blog Business World - Marketing, Public Relations, Search Engine ...
96. ... -The man with a 31000 white cell count and a creatinine of 6.2 who sat in the ED ... Locations of visitors to this page Where are visitors to this page? ..." Mr. Hassle's Long Underpants 97. ... $40 million: Cost of Bush inaugural ball festivities; not counting security ... I've had visitors since 10/25/03. -Daily-. Word of the day: Magniloquent ..." Under My Umbrella
98. ... Mr Lileks is talking about fingerprinting and photographing visitors to the US ... The American Kaiser has done some counting of the dead in the current ..." Natalie Solent 99. ... hit counter ... Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve Boyertown Museum Brandywine Conference & Visitors Bureau Brandywine River Museum Brandywine Zoo ..." The Rittenhouse Review
100. ... Card counting? Ace up her sleeve? Electro-magnet at the roulette table? ... Canadian visitors know where Inuvik is. Visitors from the US (and, okay, ..." The Super Nova Scotian